Sunday, April 26, 2009


The Pan-African News Wire (Dan Rather is their latest hire) reports that Lynne Stewart and Ward Churchill were in San Francisco last week to show solidarity with the San Francisco 8.

Pardon my revolutionary backwardness, but I'd never even heard of them. Here's some background from totally objective sources. Since Mumia went down, I guess Lynne and Wart have been at loose ends, solidarity-with-murderers-wise. Check out Lynne's plea for bail money at the Gray Panthers website:
I am assuming your support of the San Francisco 8 and I am asking you to go one step further. We all know how to demonstrate and leaflet and hold events. This is a call from me to all of you, who are able, to act above and beyond by committing your Property and to stand as surety for this bail or to help with the expenses to secure property commitments from others. . . .

I have spoken with members of the Defense Committee and I can assure you that there is virtually no risk involved. (Indeed, even the Judge so stated when he set the amounts). All of the 6 men have deep family and community roots. Your property will be pledged without any cost to you and minimal hassle. While smaller properties can be used and put together as a package, the Committee's best hope is for California progressives who invested wisely (!) back in the day to come forward. I can tell you that my husband, Ralph Poynter, has offered the equity ($100,000) in the country house and property he owns in upstate NY. As for me, as Judge Koeltl said at sentencing, I am "destitute" ­but only financially. I still have the energy and the will to try to organize, and yes, guilt trip everyone into taking a deep breath and doing something concrete, to demonstrate commitment.
Update: Oops, guess it's the San Francisco 7 now.

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