Friday, April 10, 2009

Ward on WBAI New York

In his first lengthy interview post-verdict Churchill talks about the Allotment Act, the Mandan epidemic ("let's attack the numbers" he says the investigative committee decided), the committee itself (Ward says he intends to "force the fact" of its own fraudulent behavior), reinstatement ("I never asked for a million dollars" as the "so-called newspaper" the Boulder Daily Camera said), his relationship with students and faculty at CU, the regents ("they were straight down the line with one exception that I could name, caught lying, bold-faced, on the stand. . . . I think there's a broader issue that's also not being raised. . . of the entire Board of Regents having acted in breach of the public trust, and in violation of their fiduciary responsibility to higher education."), and how he should have explained Adolf Eichmann better.

PB has more good stuff, including potential hurdles to Churchill collecting lawyers' fees and court costs (via RttB), and former wood-rasp target (and Westword editor) Patty Calhoun's take on the verdict.

Update: Speaking of that "so-called newspaper," they have this story: "CU alumnus suggests Churchill for Boulder chancellor," with the subhead, "Cold reception for informal nomination."

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