Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Bill Husted in the Post:
City spirit

Word comes from Las Vegas that Ward Churchill was celebrating his "victory" there over the weekend, spotted at New York New York. Hmmm, bet that dollar he won didn't go very far . . .
Major yocks. That's what you expect from Bill Husted. Let me try that last line:

Hmmm, maybe Ward wants to buy the place, being an Indian and
all. . .

Not funny. Try again: Hmmm, what does a dollar get you in Vegas? A plastic eagle feather? . . .

Lousy. Again: Hmmm, maybe Buffy St. Marie and Andy Williams were headlining . . .

This isn't so easy.

Update: We hear while there he took wife number six, Bethany Newill, in a simple Elvis wedding. Hmmm . . . (gotta get the "Hmmm" in there).

Update II: Greg Smith in the Post: "One of the biggest tragedies of the Churchill mess: it has reinforced the rule that it is verboten to compare almost anything today to the Nazi period of German history."

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