Saturday, April 25, 2009

Not breaking

Former Rocky Mountain News editor and publisher John Temple has a blog. Sad. This reporter hears he's also moved back into his mom's basement ("turn down that music!") and drinks all day long (Aqua-Velveeta).

Poor guy. From the top(ish) to the dreggiest of dregs (it's a Blogspot blog!) in a month and a half.

I've been waiting for him.

No, it's not bad. Anyone familiar with Temple's writings, especially on his old Rocky blog, will know what to expect: "What journalism schools should be teaching"; "Why multipart series are even more important to newspapers today"; "How wrong can newspaper critics get?" (Answer: very.)

I liked a couple of posts (there are only five or six yet), including one asking "Why" (John, vary your titles a little, for G-d's sake) newspapers still run headlines implying they're first with a story when it's been on electronic media all day.

But he's very serious. He'll be teaching soon, I imagine.

(h/t LS, who sent it to me long enough ago that I could have beaten Michael Roberts (yes, the Michael Roberts) on the story. I've been busy.)

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