Thursday, April 02, 2009

Politeness Man

Vince Carroll:
Attorney Patrick O'Rourke was more than halfway through his closing argument on behalf of the University of Colorado when I finally heard him utter the word "lie" — and it wasn't even in reference to Professor Ward Churchill.

He never called Churchill a "liar." He never called Churchill's witnesses "liars." He came to the fight of his professional life on his best behavior, all good manners and high decorum, while his opponent, David Lane, arrived in the equivalent of full combat gear: a bandoleer over each shoulder and a couple of Winchesters cradled in his arms.
Update: You snooze you lose? John Aguilar at the Camera:
Churchill, and his wife Natsu Taylor Saito, entered the courtroom a few minutes ago and are both sitting at the plaintiff's table.

Saito is sitting in a chair with her arms crossed and Churchill is appears to be dozing in his seat.
I'm with them in spirit.

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