Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nice guy

Jurors in the murder trial of a man accused of bludgeoning an 18-year-old transgender woman to death listened today to more phone calls he made from jail.

Allen Andrade, 32, is charged with first-degree murder in the July murder in Greeley of Angie Zapata.

Andrade joked about his celebrity status after he was arrested last year, saying he would sell his story to the media for the right price.

"Give me money, and I'll sell my story — for $50,000 I would," Andrade said in a phone conversation he made from jail to girlfriend Felicia Mendoza. . . .

In both [tapes], Andrade playfully laughs with Mendoza. When her cellphone nearly goes dead, Andrade says, "That's gay," followed by "gay things need to die."
Read whole thing, for he is very nasty, but check out Inspector Poirot:
Greeley Detective Greg Tharp, in a 40-minute interview, tells Andrade he is sympathetic to someone who is tricked into a relationship with a transgender female.

"This dude looks like a female. This guy is lying to a lot of people, and we feel like this person is dead because he lied to someone," Tharp said.

He also told Andrade: "You are not a murderer. Tell me what happened here. There are always two sides to every story."

Tharp later told jurors he was trying to project empathy toward Andrade to get him to talk more. . . .
Somebody on Court TV this morning (just surfing by on my way to Fox, swear to God), maybe the egregious Ashleigh Banfield, said that before the murder Andrade listed himself as "bisexual" on some Facebook-like site called MoFo or MoCo or something.

All he needs is a little swastika carved into his forehead and he'd look just like . . . Nahhhhhh. (Cropped from the Post's photo, which they got from the Greeley Tribune. So there.)

Update: Guilty, life in prison.

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