Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In, roughly, this neighborhood, since 2006:

Sierra, Percy, 52, 3421 W. 39th Avenue,
Rosales, Christopher, 27, 3739 Pecos Street
Rodriguez, Alexander, 3950 Lowell Boulevard
Retana-Arreola, Juan, 34, 3137 Vallejo #3,
Mendez, Albert, 59, 4331 Lipan Street
May, Sean, 37, 3333 West 36th Avenue
Gonzales, Dominic, 18, 4700 Beach Court
Gerken, Laurna, 85, 3933 Lowell Boulevard
Archuleta, David, 47, West 25th Avenue and Decatur Street

This is part of the peculiar section in the Post called "Data Center" which also has interesting facts and figures on perhaps-related stuff like the Colorado School Accountability Report (SAR); state employee compensation; Colorado sex offenders; and Denver metro home sales. Do not go poking around in the "sex offenders" category. Please. I'm begging you.

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