Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Pizza & mussels

Does that sound like a hot combo to you? Because it's the new food craze that's sweeping Denver:

Well, "sweeping" may be an exaggeration. And "craze" is definitely a lie. In fact, the concept is peculiarly disgusting and I've never seen more than a couple of (pervie-looking) people inside. But it looks like a chain, doesn't it?

And what does the ampersand mean?

Pizza "&" Mussels. Is that supposed to mean pizza "&" a side of mussels? Or maybe "pizza & mussels (mussels available at separate undisclosed locations)?" Or maybe it just means pizza "with" mussels. But if it means pizza "with" mussels, why doesn't the sign just say "pizza with mussels?" Hmmm?

So I googled "pizza with mussels" and found only this comment (scroll a little) in the Washington (D.C.) City Paper, about the apparently unsarcastically named restaurant Pizza Paradiso:
The [pwm] was another disaster. Eight large mussels in its [sic] shells sat unappetizingly on the pizza. The mussels oozed so much liquid that the pizza was another soggy mess. To top it off, one of the mussels was dead.
Pizza "&" diseased mussels! Yum!

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