Thursday, January 26, 2006

All in the family

Ward Churchill's half-brother Dan Debo sent a nice note to Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple today, which Temple duly published on his blog with the heading, "One Churchill still talks to Rocky; here's his view on Iraq war." Since poor John gets hardly any traffic*, I'll defy fair use and print the note in full:
Hello John, how goes it in the Rockies? I confess I still read your paper on line a couple of times a week so my little letter to the editor rant goes to you if you want to print it. regards, Dan


The polls the last few months have shown that a majority of Americans no longer support the war in Iraq. Is reality finally sinking in? We are continuing to pay for an illegal war that has taken the lifes [sic] of thousands upon thousands of innocent Iraqis and ruined the lifes [sic] of many more. Freedom on the march and the delivery of "democracy" has turned Iraq into a nightmare. Torture conducted by the "liberators" is now common and worse it has become acceptable.

Here at home wide spread phone tapping and spying upon Americans is acknowledged and Bush tells us it's for our own safety. Professors like my brother Ward and anyone who speaks out against the governments [sic] policies and tactics are threatend [sic] and attacked. How far do you need to stretch your imagination to see mass arrests (and more) for those in opposition if the government continues on this path? It's not much of a stretch and Guantanamo is not that far away. On the other hand, they have plenty of facilities here for that already and the logistics of "rendering" prisoners overseas surely gets in the way of processing the number of prisoners that they would like, [sic]

In the meantime there is the bigger, safer, more polite "opposition" of the democrats. If we wait for them to effect any change (which requires backbone), innocent people will continue to die. I tune into Air American [sic] radio frequently to hear just how far liberal logic twists itself. One of my favorites is their repeated demand for better body armor and other supplies for our troops. Huh? The result being that they will be better protected while killing people in an illegal war? How about some body armor for all the Iraqi children and babies? I will give my whole hearted support to any troops that refuse to fight or otherwise rebel against this war. Get the troops out and bring them home to do something useful (like help disaster victims) and the quality of their body armor will not matter.

Americans that oppose the war need to support anti-war efforts in any way you can, [sic] Support those that speak out and defend them from attack. Use your money or your feet. Put pressure on our elected representatives to do their job for a change and "represent". Perhaps the moron in the White House can be impeached. If there is any justice we sill see him and his gang in jail someday for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Dan Debo High Desert , California
That's it. Sounds just like Ward minus 20--well, five--IQ points, doesn't it? All I can find about Dan is that he backed Ward up on his story of how he came to his belief in his Indian ancestry, as quoted in the Rocky's series on Churchill last year: "Churchill has said he was 10 when his mother and grandmother passed on to him the family lore of Indian ancestry. Dan Debo, his younger half brother, backs that up. 'We were told when we were kids by our mom and grandma that we had Indian blood in us,' Debo, who lives in California, wrote to the News."

So the only question I have is, do you think they got the radicalism from their parents? Hard to believe there could be two such doctrinaire bores in the same family otherwise. One of them would have become an insurance salesman or something. And can you imagine both of these guys at your Thanksgiving dinner? Oh, yeah, they're Indians, so they probably don't celebrate Thanksgiving, do they?

*The Drunkablog also gets hardly any traffic, but he is pure in heart.

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