Friday, January 20, 2006


The dear darling Drunkawife was having problems getting pictures to me from Puebla. She is no longer having problems. I am. The pictures started coming in such a flood (though they're only a small hunk of the 1200 she's taken so far) that I'm confused about what's what. So just diving in:

Sign for the orphanage the Drunkawife helped out
at before beginning her Spanish language intensive. No
jokes, please, about anybody's need for an English language intensive.

An orphan. Or the Drunkawife's new lover. I forget which.

Another orphan.

These are the stuffed toys the Drunkawife actually hauled all the way
down to Puebla
for the kiddies. They carry them around everywhere.

This is what becomes of the children who aren't adopted.
Kidding! I believe this is from the Templo Mayor in Mexico City.

A stone carving of a shell from the Templo Mayor.

Masks, from the same place (I think).

The Drunkwife takes some good pictures, doesn't she? Amazing, really, given that she usually has to down a pint of McCormick's vodka just to steady her dainty but drink-palsied mitts.

Update: For some reason none of the pictures will enlarge. Just let me find my little hammer. . .

Update: More Mexico photos from my favorite short-bus vet here und here.

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