Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Drunkablog swears solemn oath

Since Lisa Jones closed down her fine RockyWatch site, where she regularly skewered Rocky Mountain News editor, publisher, owner and one true god John Temple and his minions, there's not a single blog out there keeping an eye on either Denver paper. So the Drunkablog, ever quick to seize an opportunity, has courageously decided to try to fill that gap in coverage by asking:

Will someone please fill that gap in coverage? Thanks!

No, really

I'd do it myself, but I hate reading newspapers, and if there were any other way of getting regular local and state news, I wouldn't read the Denver papers at all (except Westword). In fact, after years of reading blogs, all newspapers seem mushy to me--slow, painfully cautious, pointlessly PC--hidebound. Any regular blog reader knows what I mean (he stated confidently yet without facts).

And I'm one of those old farts who remembers long drunken Sundays reading both papers during the great days of the Denver newspaper wars in the late 90s, when one could get both the News and the Post seven days a week for a total of (around) $12 a year. Currently the Post costs $24.95 for 39 weeks (why?) and the News--wow, the News costs exactly the same. Now how do you suppose they worked that?

Ringing declaration

Anyway, given that someone's gotta do it, the Drunkablog, who is already at least slightly experienced in picking on Denver's newspapers (or at least, on John Temple), will somehow overcome his disdain and resume doing so to some unknown extent at some undetermined time.

To the death!

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