Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"Bankrobber Dad"

Rita Cosby makes me want to stick a finger down my throat until I fall down retching bloody green bile. Some of her recent stories: "2005: Year of the teacher-sex scandal"; "Porn pushes the technology envelope"; "Navy wife gets new 'man-nequin.'"

Yesterday her show was live! from the Christian County Correctional Facility in Taylorville, Illinois, where she interviewed "Bankrobber Dad" William Ginglen, who gained worldwide notoriety when his three sons, one of whom is a cop, turned him in for his bankrobbery ways.

Nothing unusual there. Pathetic prisoners, battlin' lawyers and sad families, one or all of whom sooner or later will cry bitter tears of regret. Crap, crap, crap.

But this time, the guttural Cosby's story caught my attention. Ginglen, it turned out, robbed banks in tiny farm towns very near the ancestral Drunkablog acres, including the bank in microscopic Deland, Illinois (2004 pop: 466), just a few miles from the ancient seat of the Drunkablogs (see the family crest in the upper right-hand window? It's a duck, rampant).

No point to all this, as you might have guessed, except maybe to post a cool picture:

Christian County (Ill.) cornfield (photo courtesy Mason Oller).

Update: It's incredibly weird that the Christian County website says Christian County is "in the Taylorville metro area," isn't it? Makes my brain itch, anyway.

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