Saturday, October 04, 2008

Whitmer quits

Pirate Ballerina (who's got all kinds of good stuff today) notes that Ward Churchill gofer and ex-CU effnic studies instructor Ben Whitmer says he's giving up on his filthy Try-Works blog. The post in full:
So, as y’all know, I’ve been tilting at windmills for three years now in a few different incarnations.
Including the anonymous incarnation--John Moredock--behind the original libel- and threat-spewing blog--you know, the one he tried to disappear after hilariously blowing his own cover. Y'all. And c'mon, Benjie: tilting at windmills? You really are tired.
And I can’t read the Rocky anymore, let alone the four dipshit dittoheads who constitute the anti-Churchill bloc. Martin, Paine, and Snapple--

That's only three dipshit dittoheads. Guess that's why Benjie taught effnic studies instead of math.

--may just be able to spend the rest of their weird little lives stalking Ward Churchill, but I’ve gotta admit defeat. I can’t poke back at ‘em anymore, I’m fucking bored senseless.

So, I’m shutting the Try-Works down. It may or may not return as something new after a little time off, but I ain’t sure.

Don't think so. You're played out, Benjie. But gosh, I'm sure gonna miss those "ain'ts."

I’ll also probably do some random posting from time to time over here: Stop by if you like, but don’t expect much [too easy]. It’ll be more like a notebook of articles and bullshit that I stumble across on the internet. Three years of blogging have convinced me of exactly one thing: there’s no more useless activity, nor greater waste of time, than blogging.
Actually, for Benjie blogging was worse than a waste of time. After all, the Try-Works probably lost him his gig at CU after the school got a gander at the evil thing. Anyway, a final benediction:
And I will, of course, be moderating comments until the Painenites get a life. Or die of Metamucil overdose. Whichever comes first.

Despite Benjie's protestations of boredom (true, I'm sure--how would you like to have to spew the sour crap he did day after day?), there's probably a more important cause for his quitting: the utter and embarrassing failure of Recreate 68 to disrupt the Democratic National Convention (or even put together a decent protest).

Benjie, of course, was heavily involved with R68, attended a number of its protests (somehow managing to avoid arrest), and saw its futility and fatuity firsthand. That'd demoralize any sociopath.

In fact, moral exhaustion appears to be general on the local asshole-left: Colorado American Indian Movement bigster and longtime Columbus Day protest organizer Glenn Morris said a couple of weeks ago (in reference to C-day protests this year) that "The question is whether it's worth our time, energy and resources to scream at a blind and deaf infrastructure." Apparently not, because the Colorado AIM blog, having urged readers a couple of weeks ago to stay tuned for C-Day info, has nothing, and Columbus Day is only a week away.

In addition, the born-moribund Ward Churchill Solidarity Network, after months ago promising a major makeover complete with lively new blogs and Wart commentary, has finally--changed its look a bit. No new Ward. No new anything.

And now Benjie hangs it up.

On the other hand, a commenter at Try-Works, one "Glenn Spagnuolo" (the name rings a bell) has words of valediction for Whitmer, and holds out hope of a new radical movement blooming from the ashes of the old, or something (all except the bold, sic):

It is a sad day when the voice of truth in this cesspool of depravity is silenced. You will be missed. The good thing is that in a week or two, a new venture will be launched starting right here in Denver that will challenge the status quo. Thanks for the many memories and I am sure the Claire Ryders, Adam Jungks, JoJos, Nojs (Ernestos) and their elk will be celebrating the fact that their behavior will once again become secret. To bad you never did get Adam’s badge number. Your return will be anticipated with baited breadth. Like many others, you served as a source of entertainment for us and I’m still laughing at many of your post.

In Solidarity Always Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Unlike Benjie's, Glenn's writing never lets you down.

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