Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Night at the Radio!

Jack Webb as Frisco (as natives call it) private eye Pat Novak: For Hire: "Jack of Clubs" (20 February 1949).

Beautiful dame: Come over and sit next to me. I don't bite.

Novak: That's too bad.

Sure wish there were more of these.

And Information Please! With the World Series in full flower (as baseball men say), this one has sportscasters Bill Stern and Red Barber, and was recorded during that year's Series (4 October 1943).

I'd forgotten this story (from Stern's wiki):
One day, while doing radio play-by-play for a football game, as a player broke away towards a long run for a touchdown, Stern misidentified the runner several times as he proceeded towards the score. Noticing the error just before the runner crossed the goal line, Stern announced he had lateraled the ball to the correct player, who then scored. Sometime later, Clem McCarthy, that era's most prominent announcer for horse racing, described the wrong horse as having won a race. The verbose Stern chided him for this error, and McCarthy replied, "You can't lateral a horse, Bill."

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