Friday, October 03, 2008

Crummy numbers conflict

The Post's Karen E. Crummy, October 1:
On stage in front of several hundred Barack Obama supporters, Michelle Obama told a rally at CU that her husband understands working families and the struggles they face.
The Post's Karen E. Crummy, October 2:
In a 30-minute speech that seesawed between advocating for her husband, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, and rallying Coloradans to register to vote before Monday's deadline, Michelle Obama told roughly 9,700 people at the University of Colorado that winning wouldn't be easy.
Update: While you can't tell from the Post's video, the Boulder Daily Camera's certainly shows more than "several hundred" in attendance. Don't know about 10,000, but still, why the discrepancy? How could Crummy mistake thousands for hundreds? Weird.

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