Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Some petroglyphs from the recent river trip:

Big-horned sheep. See the kind of scribbled one lower right? Wonder why? Maybe the neighbors didn't like people messing up their rocks.

Adjacent panel, almost certainly done by a different artiste.

Detail: Happy elk. This guy was a born cartoonist. In fact, the Bullwinkle-lookalike was something of a specialty. He carved the exact same figure miles downriver.

Another detail: Billy Bob of the Gods.

Ancient Enumclaw?

Oh yeah, Space Alien Baby says whooo:

Always wondered what he's so startled about.

The bull head right next to SAB is just scary.

And for traditionalists, some plain old rock:

A dry stream bed up some canyon or other.

Update: Humiliating to report, but Snapple correctly corrects your darling d-blog, who originally said the animals in the top pic were elk, not what they fairly clearly are, big-horn sheep.

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