Monday, October 06, 2008

Post takes skeptical look at Colorado Democracy Alliance

Almost a week after Face The State broke the story, the Post's Diane Fender has not one, but two pieces today on the activities and membership of the "progressive" Colorado Democracy Alliance, which channels funds to left-wing nonprofits and advocacy groups in the state. The headline and lead for one story: "Progressive gang uses nonprofits to push politics":
Colorado's best-known progressive donors are advancing their political and ideological agenda through a web of advocacy and nonprofit groups, many of which claim nonpartisanship and receive tax exemptions.
That's the Post? They're apparently using the same documents CoDA says were stolen from its office and that Face The State used last week. (And yes, CoDA disputes the authenticity of the memo in which it allegedly used the phrase "educate the idiots" to describe some of its outreach efforts.)

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