Monday, May 26, 2008

Wisdom of children on display in new short films for DNC competition

It's the kiddies' turn as Denver School of the Arts unleashes its middle- and high school auteurs to make short fillums about democracy for the Democratic National Convention. Some of the movies and tiny synopsi:

What is Democracy? Twelve-year-olds answer the question (free speech and crap like that), then ask, "Is it really democratic that we deny some people the right to enter the country?" They think the answer is no.

Listen. A girl loses her best friend because she's mean and never listens--just like George Bush with the whole country.

Risk. Two kids play Risk and start a real war, or something. Some really bad Claymation. It's a "Kids With Disabilities Production," which is rather cute.

The Outcast. A kid walks out of a classroom where all the other kids are reading silently in unison like they're robots or something. Whoa. Tagline: "To have a say in things that are done, is showing individuality and democracy." Must be a bad translation from the Little Red Book. A "Denver School of the Ars" production.

2010. The movie R!68 wishes it could make.

Democracy in a Box. Yet another group of middle-schoolers and a few adults say what they think democracy is. Then they draw pictures of it. Pat Schroeder's daughter Diana DeGette guests, steals somebody else's picture.

And my favorite of the kiddie flicks: America's Downfall. "Spring. It begins."

There are a few new shorts from grownups, too. They stink, of course:

Community Values is America's Story. "It's time that the people--the sick, the poor, the people with disabilities--we all need to rise up." An ad for something called the Campaign for Community Values. Vaguely socialist mush.

The Promise of Democracy. Straight Algorian fantasy w/polar bear. Worth seeing for the picture of Algore they use, which was taken about 15 years and 80 pounds ago.

The Waiting is Over. a "A hand-clapping, foot-stomping celebration guaranteed to lift your political spirits" as two guys wearing animated sheep heads sing in celebration of the end of Bushitler's Fourth Reich.

Check 'em all out! The Cinemocracy site has undergone a revamp, but their embed codes are still useless.

Update: And don't forget to vote for your favorite, which will be shown at the convention.

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