Thursday, May 22, 2008

University of Colorado student newspaper adopts "equal space" rule

Not voluntarily. According to chancellor and blame-dispersal unit G.P. "Bud" Peterson last month, CU,
under the leadership of Provost Phil DiStefano . . . pledged to review recommendations made by Journalism Dean Paul Voakes and the faculty of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication for restructuring and oversight of the Campus Press. As a result of these recommendations, the Campus Press editors have adopted a new opinion policy that states in part, that all opinions deemed controversial will be discussed by student editors who will strive to offset controversial opinions with a counter opinion published the same day and on the same page.
Peterson announced a few other new and humiliating policies:
Beginning in Spring 2009 the Campus Press will no longer qualify for course credit but will be open to all students. However, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication will continue to support this effort by providing space, a professional advisor and a modest operating budget. Finally, Journalism Dean Paul Voakes will create a Campus Press oversight board that will include not only journalism faculty but also non-journalism students, faculty and administrators representing a broad diversity of campus interests.
All of these policies, of course, in response to the PC stupidstorm kicked up by CU student Max Karson's mega-lame, fake-racist satire in the Press last February. What's hard to believe is that the journalism faculty recommended them. Way to be craven, guys.

(via the Vincent Carroll piece linked below, which I'll link to again anyway)

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