Thursday, May 29, 2008

DailyKos, ProgressNow to host leftie DNC bloggers in air conditioned luxury

And your darling D-blog was turned down for the Democratic National Convention general blogger pool. Got this from the DNCC tonight:

Hi there.

I'm writing regarding your application to the 2008 Democratic National Convention's General Blogger Pool.

As you may know, we've had overwhelming interest in the credentialed blogger program this year. Several hundred great blogs submitted applications. But we have very limited space. Unfortunately, your blog will not be credentialed at 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Yeah, well, I didn't want to report on your stupid convention anyway. You'll be hearing from my lawyer.
Regardless of your vantage point, the DNCC staff is focused on making sure your blog can report on the Convention. We'll provide a live, HD-quality video stream of Convention proceedings – from gavel to gavel. And whether you're reporting from elsewhere in Denver or halfway around the globe, we'll be sending extensive press material to you and other members of the media.
Oh boy, extensive press material! Anyway, here's what might be called the news from the e-mail:

[A] group of Denver-based organizations is creating a blog-friendly media center near the Convention site in downtown Denver. ProgressNow, the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, and the Wright Group are working with Daily Kos [you know them] to create "The Big Tent". This media facility will operate throughout the week of the Convention. It will be just a few blocks from the Pepsi Center and may be of interest to you. . . .

Participants in The Big Tent will enjoy a WiFi-enabled, air-conditioned blogging/new media lounge, "The Big Stage" with some of the most well known faces in the non-profit and political world, as well as food, drinks, entertainment, and much more.
I'm applying even as we speak.

Update: What's with the MIM-like omission of the definite article before "2008 Democratic Convention"?

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