Thursday, May 29, 2008

Local brieflets

Revealing Colorado as only Coloradoeanians know it.

  • Crazy man to show clips of extraterrestrial pervert:
    An extraterrestrial peering into a window was captured on videotape, and a few clips from that footage will be shown tomorrow in Denver, according to a man who wants the city to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission to handle alien encounters.

    Jeff Peckman says the alien is "innocent, benevolent, youthful, more smooth-skinned than the kind of wrinkly 'E.T.' extraterrestrial in the movie." . . .

    Peckman said the alien visited a private home in Nebraska a few years back. The figure stands about four feet tall, he estimates.
  • Scary pic:

    (Photo: Matt Kroschel - The Mountain Mail Newspaper)

    A Fort Collins woman is recovering from injuries suffered when her inflatable kayak got caught in some low-hanging tree branches over the Arkansas River and she was dumped into the water.

    A river guide kept Schneider's head above water until Salida fire and rescue crews arrived and pulled her from the
    river. . . .

    She was taken to Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center in Salida suffering from hypothermia, low oxygen and possible water in her lungs.
    (Hi, D-a-W!)

  • "Ice cream truck sought in hit and run":
    Denver police were on the lookout Wednesday night for an ice cream truck involved in a hit-and- run accident on Kalispell Street.

    Kids were skating alongside the truck when an 11-year-old girl fell and the truck ran over her arm, police said.

    "According to what we understand from witnesses, the driver of the ice cream truck stopped and got out of his truck," said police spokesman Sonny Jackson. However, the driver got back into his truck and drove off, Jackson said. The girl was taken to Children's Hospital for treatment of a possible broken arm.
    Editorial comment (does not necessarily reflect the views of the Drunkablog or his alternate personalities): Jeez. (Update: the driver has turned himself in.)

    Not a cowtown:

    We're No. 42.

    Denver-Aurora ranked 42nd in per-capita greenhouse carbon emissions among the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas, according to a study by the Brookings Institution.

    "Denver is still a sprawling, auto-driven metro area," said Marc Munro, Brookings' director of metropolitan policy.

    In October, Mayor John Hickenlooper adopted the city's first Climate Action Plan, which aims to cut 1.8 million tons of carbon by 2012.

    "We are trying to offer ways for homes and business to become green and energy-efficient," said Michele Weingarden, director of Greenprint Denver, the city's environmental initiative. "It's a big undertaking and one everyone has a role in."
    Or else. Hey, did you notice the Post's new "green" logo?

    How could you not have?

  • And I'll just throw this bit of DNC crud in because I can:

    Boulder County law enforcement agencies will dedicate about 75 officers and thousands of hours of service to help Denver police with the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

    The Denver Police Department is seeking to contract with as many as 40 suburban departments to help patrol and control the Aug. 25-28 convention. . . .

    According to a draft agreement being presented to the City Council at its June 3 meeting, 25 Boulder police officers will be assigned primarily to provide security at Denver hotels where delegates are lodged.

    In addition, two Boulder detectives will be assigned to unspecified "intelligence and counterterrorism measures."

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