Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post, liberal blog to webcast DNC talky-talk

The Plunkett of Chuckster:
Grab a cold one and enjoy some politics and convention talk Wednesday night.

The Denver Post and PoliticsWest.com are staging a webcast from Drinking Liberally Denver's meeting at Mario's Double Daughters Solotto Wednesday at 7 p.m.
Mario's Double Daughters Solotto?
We're featuring some prominent liberal bloggers from Colorado discussing the upcoming Democratic National Convention and politics. The 30-minute webcast will include Aaron Silverstein and John Erhardt of SquareState.net. Both plan to cover the Denver convention, with SquareState.net named the official credentialed blog for Colorado, allowing them to sit with the state's delegation.
Well ain't they grand. Chuck will be moderating and wants questions, which you can submit at cplunkett@denverpost.com.

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