Friday, May 23, 2008

DNC parade route to be announced June 12; other agreements reached between city, ACLU

The Rocky lacklusterly leads:
The ACLU of Colorado has reached agreement with the city of Denver and the U.S. Secret Service on some of the issues the group raised in a federal lawsuit dealing with First Amendment rights during the Democratic National Convention this August.

Denver will announce the designated parade route to the Pepsi Center, the site of the convention Aug. 25-28, by June 12.

The ACLU preserves its right "to challenge the adequacy" of the parade route and to "argue for a prompt disclosure of the location and other details relating to the termination point of that route."

Denver will try to accommodate up to three parades daily [!] on the designated route.

Denver will begin processing already-pending requests for parade permits June 12 and will complete that processing by June 19.

Denver will establish a "Public Demonstration Zone" on the grounds of the Pepsi Center
As the story notes, the ACLU still has some isseeyous, especially that termination point. They want a court order (from their press release):
directing Denver to disclose promptly the termination point of the Designated Parade Route;

directing Denver to disclose promptly all restrictions that it will impose on activity within the Public Demonstration Zone, such as

the location and size of the zone

any restrictions on the number of persons allowed in the zone at one time

the locations of all entrances and exits

the nature, height, and transparency of any barriers that will interfere with or limit communication between persons inside the zone and delegates outside the zone

any restrictions on signs or banners within the zone

any additional regulations or restrictions on First Amendment activity within the zone;
and directing Denver to disclose any plans to close or restrict access to any other public forum space as a result of the DNC.
Lawyers. Is there anything they won't demand?

(via El Presidente, who links to the better Post story. Chuck Plunkett rules!)

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