Friday, February 29, 2008

Criminal culture glorified

Rolo (the mum-munchin' german shepherd, not the clown) was on the Today Show, um, today. Der News:
Rolo the german shepherd is a nationwide celebri-dog today, with a scheduled appearance this morning on NBC's Today Show with his owner, who battled for eight months to save Rolo from death row.
Celebri-dog. I blame hip-hop. The comments to the story, while waaaaayyyyyyy unsuitable for a family newspaper, are pretty funny. And informative! Don't read them if you are under 18 or "easily upset."

Rolo, by the way, has had a song written about him by "a key member of the Brothers Four and the Kingston Trio," Bob Haworth. Haworth has also appeared on the cover of Jazz Banjo Magazine.

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