Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Not me:
A statehouse visitor was in police custody today after reportedly being ejected from the House and then getting into a scuffle with troopers inside the Capitol. . . .

According to witnesses, the man said he wanted to address "the people" and didn't stop when sergeants-at-arms told him he was not allowed to walk down the center aisle.
Not my dog:
Rolo the dog is guilty.

Or, rather, his owner is guilty of having a dog at large and owning a dangerous animal, an Arvada jury decided this afternoon.

Rolo's owner, Laura Hagan, cried upon hearing the verdicts.
I read this story to Billy Bob. He said it was "a wakeup call" that would "change the way he thought" about biting people.

Update: Rolo lives. Damn. Now Billy Bob's all with the gang signs and shit again. Stupid dog.

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