Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ritter: brokered Dem convention may increase protests

The guv on Colorado Public Radio yesterday:

[W]e’re very mindful of the potential for protests at this convention anyway. This is apart from whether or not it’s a brokered convention. America’s a great country. And part of it being a great country is there’s a freedom of speech. Part of the freedom of speech is the right to protest. It can’t be violent. You can’t break laws but you can certainly engage, you can participate in a way that is, you know, contentious, publicly contentious. So when you’re planning a big convention like this, there’s a great amount of planning that goes into security planning. So, there may be additional protests if it’s a brokered convention but we have in place a security plan already that will allow people, I believe, to exercise their First Amendment right and still protect the public.
And since Recreate68! has been involved, the plan is foolproof. Foolproof, I tells ya!

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