Wednesday, February 20, 2008

PC controversy at CU

This one sparked by Max Karson, the strange-o (I mean, "Carson" with a "k"?) arrested last year just after the Virginia Tech shootings for expressing inappropriate anger at inanimate objects.

This time Karson's written a column in the Campus Press titled "If it's war the Asians want. . . it's war they'll get." The Daily Gamera's Heath Urie reports:
An editorial penned this week by a University of Colorado student has divided some past and present members of the Campus Press -- the official student newspaper at CU -- and enraged other students for what some said is a racist and inflammatory commentary about people of Asian ethnicity.
The column is actually just utterly unfunny satire, like this:
When I blow my whistle we will scatter in every direction and capture as many Asians as possible. Make sure to pay special attention to the rec center, the UMC, the math and engineering buildings and Lollicup. If you're not sure someone's an Asian, give them a calculus problem to solve in their head. If they get it right, net 'em.
Har. But as Urie notes, the Campus Press gave no warning that the piece was satire. Very irresponsible. Now it's a big deal. The Rocky has more, and even uses the word "firestorm."

Update: Didn't Swift put some kind of warning on "A Modest Proposal"? "Here be satire" or "I keed! I keed!" or something?

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