Thursday, February 21, 2008

Anarchy in the U.S

Speaking of the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement-Denver (and if you're not, pretend to, at once!), they did a little gorilla (see? I know how to spell it now) theater on Colorado primary day, hanging signs off an overpass on I-25:

Racist, of course. And blurry.

Pics autocontrasted so you can actually read the things. (Anarchists, incompetent? Who'd a thunk it?)

The comments are hilarious. "Agentofkaos" (his mom gave him the nick) sez:
Bad ass. [Bad ass--ed.] Can imagine how daily commuters felt seeing these messages. Heard anarchists were to drop banners that day too about the election, We Vote No and stuff. Any pics of those?
Since Agentofkaos doesn't describe how he imagines daily commuters felt, allow me:

Commuter #1: Assholes.

Commuter #2: Assholes.

Commuter #3: Peter Boyles is such an asshole.

Commuter #4 . . . . . . . (reading newspaper)

"Smash Amerikkka" weighs in:
Those banners are great. Excellent work! I hope that anti-white, anti-Amerikkkan propaganda will be a regular feature in occupied Colorado. Those fucking Amerikkkan crackers need to hear it.
Racist, of course.

What happened to the signs? Did the pigs eventually take them down?

No, they're still there. Idiot.

"Anarchy lives" adds piquantly:
Those slogans are great. Not the typical liberal crap. Good to see something with some bite around here. I bet the pigs shit bricks. Right the fuck on! Fuck the pigs! Fuck Amerikkka! Smash the State!
I bet the pigs shit bricks. Again the bizarre leftist self-aggrandizement that magnifies a pointless (and annoying and boorish and unfunny) gesture into an heroic act of defiance. (Think Columbus Day protests, or, more recently and trivially, Ward Churchill and Try-Works' embarrassing "Pigasus II" campaign.)

Peter Boyles' wiki, by the way, appears to have been written by Peter Boyles.

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