Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For all your broken glass needs

There are two ways to read this:

Either they're offering glass-breaking services (for which there's probably not a whole lot of demand), or it should be "glass [comma] broken." That, I could use. There's at least one vacant lot near here that has hardly any broken glass in it at all. I called the city, but got the usual runaround. Now maybe there's something a common ordinary American citizen can do about it.

Update: You know where Denver gets its supply of broken glass (which it spreads so selectively), don't you? Its recycling program. Off the truck, smashy-smashy, back on the truck, dumped on vacant lots (some vacant lots) all over Denver.

Update II: More fun with Yellow Pages. Under "Writers" there's:

ABD Enterprises (Sure I'll give you a job. Pothead).

Ischemia Technologies (Huh?)

Lead Dog Communications ("We'll piss all over your prose")

Legacy Prose ("Writing the words that'll be read at your funeral")

and, of course, The Write Stuff and Write-On Enterprises.

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Mikey standing in the corner.

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