Tuesday, February 05, 2008

But wait, there's more!

Peter Kirstein has further excerpts from his speech at the "stirring" DePaul Academic Freedom Conference last week. They're not very interesting. He refers to Wart as "Mister" Ward Churchill and posts a pic of lone dissenting CU regent Cindy Carlisle with the caption, "A Profile in Courage."

Even more: Vanity Fair combover James Wolcott on Republicans who don't understand the Power of Obama:
Republicans who dimly persist in defining Obama as a peace-love poster child are replaying culture-war battles that are as outdated as a Dennis Miller monologue filled with references to OJ and Ward Churchill.

Because, as everybody knows by now, OJ and Ward are just good friends.

(confidential to dougie: you were right. Don't make a habit of it.)

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