Monday, October 16, 2006

Norton bashes Amendment 44 on Hewitt

Don't know why, but Hugh Hewitt always comes to Colorado during election season. He was here again today, and among the many Colorado Republican candidates he interviewed was one non-candidate, Colorado Lt. Gov. Jane Norton. Hugh asked Norton about Amendment 44, which would legalize possession of up to an ounce of pot in Colorado. I couldn't write anything down so from memory:

Hugh: Amendment 44 is funded by George Soros, right?

Jane: Yes.

The hippies at SaferColorado, the organization that got Amendment 44 on the ballot, still don't have permalinks or a search function, so I'm not going to look for it, but organization head (heh) Mason Tvert has denied receiving any money, ever, from Soros.

Hugh: How many joints in an ounce?

Jane: Thirty to 84.

This was a contentious point for some reason having to do with SAFER's claim that alcohol is worse than pot.

Hugh (jocular): Legalization would attract tourists.

Hugh and Jane (giggling): But who'd want that kind of tourist!

Hugh: What about minors?

Jane: A loophole in the amendment would allow adults to give pot to teenagers.

Hugh: Saints preserve us!

We've been all through that one before. What is it with the anti-44 campaign? It's the dirtiest thing I've ever seen, and as a lad I was exposed to Illinois politics. Don't much like that Hewitt is participating, either. Man's been getting on my nerves for a while now, he'll be upset to hear.

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