Thursday, October 12, 2006

Local(ish) stories

The Post carries an AP story about the Nevada constitutional amendment which, if approved by voters next month, would legalize and "regulate" marijuana in the state. First time the Post has mentioned the story, and only a month after the Drunkablog spotted it. The News, on the other hand, had their own reporter on it over a week ago, and also mentions the amendment today.

Museum addition DAMned

The Post links to reviews from around the country of the new addition to the Denver Art Museum under the headline, "Critic heavyweights pan the DAM." The New York Times is more or less typical:

Yet this is a place for viewing real works of art. And if criticizing contemporary architects for creating flamboyant museums that mistreat the art they house has become a tiresome pastime, it is overwhelmingly justified here. In a building of canted walls and asymmetrical rooms — tortured geometries generated purely by formal considerations — it is virtually impossible to enjoy the art.

That phrase, "tortured geometries," occurs several times. Is there nothing Bushie McChimplerBurton won't stoop to?

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