Thursday, October 05, 2006


The new Denver Art Museum (DAM) building opens this weekend. The hope is that it will become the icon of Denver in the style of the Sydney Opera House. I love the new building, I love the art museum, I love just about everything about Denver, but I'm not so sure that the shape of this building can grab people like the shape of the opera house. It's just not quite graspable enough (whatever that means).

What do you think?

The new Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum. The little pointy thing behind and a bit to the right is part of the oh-so-cool Denver Public Library. The gray building to the left is the original DAM, built in the 70s, also a very cool building.

Maybe there will be a particular angle that will become iconic. I like this picture better. Sorry I couldn't find one without advertising for the museum on it.

Now you all can see that I didn't come up with the ever-so-clever "Hot DAM" by myself. I'm so embarrassed.

You can see more here.

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