Thursday, October 26, 2006

More pictures

More Green River photos, this time from the glibly ontological "Mr. B."

Tent Bottom at sundown.

Random Drunkablog diary note:
Mountain House Chicken and Festered Rice ($9.95) for dinner! (10/4/06)

Taken at dusk: See the sandbar lower right? It was under a couple of feet of water the next morning.

Another random note:

Hippies again. Camped on mud flat in the middle of the day. Apparently overcome by urge to play bongos--actually just empty coffee cans. Savings in Bongo-age spent on beer and pot and 'shrooms and downs and meth and Southern Comfort. Bongo playing very, very bad. Howling like diseased wolves no better. They're Bongoloids. (Bongoloids. Funny. USE IN BLOG!!!!) (10/6/06)

Toxic-waste containment vessel: This is a "groover," which everyone is required to carry on the Green. To use you unscrew the lid, try not to look inside, slap down the plastic ring (in yellow mesh bag) and sit down, creating an airtight seal. (Be sure to create an airtight seal.)

It's also a good idea, for obvious reasons, to carry the groover behind you in the canoe.

Random note (this conversation actually took place):

Idiot 1: I'm taking the groover tomorrow.

Idiot 2: Who says?

Idiot 1: I'm taking the groover.

Idiot 2: It's my turn to take the groover. Why are you always hogging the groover?

Idiot 1: I'm taking the groover.

Idiot 2: You better keep it in your tent tonight, then. I wouldn't sleep too easy, neither.

Idiot 1: I'd like to see you try something.

Idiot 2: Oh, I'll try something, all right.

Too much realism: back to gorgeosity.

Update: More Green River (this trip) heah and heah and heah.

Update II: Picture of the groover was taken by me. Yes, I won the argument.

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