Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Westword gets it right about Ward

For once. But it's not Michael Roberts, the Wart-lovin', media-coverin' guy who does so, but Alan Prendergast. In a piece titled "The top ten Colorado feuds of the decade" (I know, stupid), Prendergast has "Ward Churchill versus reality" at number two:
One can argue, as his attorney David Lane did, that the charges of plagiarism and research misconduct would never have been formally raised (or resulted in his termination) if Churchill hadn't chosen to exercise his right to inane speech by calling World Trade Center victims "little Eichmanns." But that doesn't make Churchill the anarchist martyr he wants to be. His entire delusional career has been built on excursions down the rabbit hole, whether he's denouncing CIA-infused conspiracies or claiming to be an ex-paratrooper or three-sixteenths Cherokee or an original thinker. In this world, a jury valued Churchill's damages at exactly one dollar -- and last summer a judge ruled that even that assessment was too generous.
And CU wants $52,000 back. In a generally dismal year, Wart getting whacked was the high point.

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