Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New twist

On the same ol' scam:
Hello My Good Friend,

My name is Sgt Ahmed Abdul .I am an American soldier serving with the 3rd infantry division in Iraq.I have summed up courage to contact you to seek your co-operation in moving some funds from here.

The said fund in US currency was discovered in barrels at a farmhouse during a rescue operation in one of the former military dictator's top men who died while trying to escape.I managed to conceal some of this fund with the help of a colleague.
It's a remake of Three Kings! (Or The Dirty Dozen or . . .)
Now that we are out of town and restricted to our camp till we pull-out finally,I have been able to get the money, which runs close to six million dollars,carefully packaged and moved safely out of troubled spot and spotlight to a British security courier company office which enjoys diplomatic immunity here.THEY DON'T KNOW THE REAL CONTENTS OF THE PACKAGE BUT BELIEVE THAT IT CONTAINS PERSONAL EFFECTS WHICH BELONG TO AN AMERICAN MEDICAL DOCTOR SOLDIER WHO DIED IN A RAID HERE IN IRAQ WHO BEFORE GIVING UP, URGED ME TO DELIVER THE LUGGAGE TO HIS FAMILY IN UNITED STATES.

With our impending return to America,I have decided to move the package (fund) out now.And this is where I need you : to act as the supposed relation of the deceased and thereby receive the package.

I have found a very safe way of getting this package to you at home and will discuss it upon your response provided I can be assured it will be safe till I return.I want you to indicate YOUR INTEREST to go on with me,and how much percentage you want for your co-operation.

Above all,I cannot over-emphasize the importance of confidentiality due to the sensitive nature of this mail.Whether or not you are interested,do not discuss this with anybody as it will spell doom to us here.

Do respond promptly so I can furnish you with more details.
Will do!

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