Friday, December 18, 2009

Past His bedtime, too

The Guardian is angry, my friends. On the front page, it calls the climate deal "feeble." It also quotes Obama:
10:22pm . . . . "I believe what we have achieved in Copenhagen will not be the end but the beginning."
Or the beginning of the end.
He said the most significant thing to come out of the conference was a "shift in orientation" in which developing countries that had never even voluntarily offered emissions cuts before had made offers. "That's what I think will end up being most significant about this accord," he said.
And the best line:

"Because of weather constraints in Washington I am leaving before a final vote."

Nightie-night. Let's hope Wee-Wee One (stolen from somebody somewhere) makes a safe landing in that snowstorm (for which I blame Gor-Al, wherever he is). Enviros are pissed off, of course:
10.04pm: Tim Jones, climate policy officer at the World Development Movement said:

"This summit has been in complete disarray from start to finish, culminating in a shameful and monumental failure that has condemned millions of people around the world to untold suffering. The leaders of rich countries have refused to lead. They have failed the poorest people in the world and history will judge them harshly because rich countries are trying to blind us to the fact that they have not offered the emissions cuts that science and justice requires. To say that this deal is in any way historic or meaningful is to completely misrepresent the fact that this deal is devoid of real content.

"These talks have been darkened by rich countries trying to save face, but not the climate. Rich countries have caused this problem and now they are trying to blame developing countries for stalling the talks because they are standing up to these insulting[ly tiny] and outrageous[ly small] bribes. The very survival of some of these countries depends on the outcomes of these talks but rich countries cannot see beyond the survival of business as usual."

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