Thursday, December 10, 2009

Quote of the day!

Well, actually yesterday, from one "Mohan K" in response to this WSJ article on the bogosity of "climate change":
Of course, let us wait. Let us form a committee to look into the facts behind global warming and climate change. And another committee to investigate the intentions behind denying McIntyre information. And lets campaign for yet another committee to investigate the personal lives of the scientists - to verify their reliability... And let each of these committees be constituted of several sub-committees and sub-sub-committees, which function through international multilateral processes... Sounds good.. Sounds very good to the average self-blindfolded American, debating the conspiracies behind climate change, munching on a Mc Burger and sipping coke.

Lets do that... And lets keep talking, while the world changes. While the world falls into catastrophy. While people start dying in the so called 3rd worlds. While islands start disappearing. While hospitals start filling up. While wars start for food and water. While suddenly, one day, salt water floods your office... Yes, you will still be debating, discussing, analysing, as the water level rises, and slowly drowns you.

People, it takes not science or technology or statistics or advanced calculations to know that our world is being raped by humans, and its taking its toll. You just need to get out of your billion layers of superficiality and artificial life, love yourself, and the Earth, and listen to Her... Feel with her... Try to be one with her. And you can feel her diseased pulse. You can feel her wheezing.
Damn, I'm gettin' a little wood (certain people will know I'm lying there).

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