Tuesday, December 08, 2009

More Dickie

Sick of Climategate? I am, for the moment, so just go to WUWT, which is full of AGW goodness. Instead, I'll post some Richard (and the first with Linda) Thompson. Way back again: "A Heart Needs a Home":

I still wear velour.

From 1981. "I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight." If only the guy could play guitar:

Not live, "End of the Rainbow." Dickie at his most amusingly misanthropic:

And here's an Elvis C. cover of the same tune. Not as good, but nice backing vocals:

Dickie in his mid-80s incarnation, sans Linda. This is the tour I first saw him on, at the long-gone Blue Note in Boulder. Wall of Death (sound's not the greatest):

Start this tune about a minute in to the famous scene of the kid riding the Wall of Death in "400 Blows" and blow your mind, maaaan.

From the same tour. "When the Spell is Broken." This smokes. Bonnie Raitt covered it sometime or other and did a pretty good job.

"1952 Vincent Black Lightning":

And finally, since I couldn't find a good Dickie version, Bonnie Raitt covering "Dimming of the Day":

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