Wednesday, December 02, 2009


The scientist at the heart of the climate change email scandal was today interviewed by police about the scandal. . . .
Don't get your hopes up:
Sources said the interview concerned the theft of emails from the university and alleged death threats since the contents of the emails were released, adding he was being treated as a 'victim of crime' rather than a suspect in any criminal investigation.
So far, anyway.

More: More insanity, that is, from TimesOnline. Ted Hughes, prophet of climate change:
While some mocked him for accepting the poet laureateship, feminists attacked him over the suicide of Sylvia Plath and people with no interest in poetry picked lubriciously over the tragedies of his life, Hughes himself was firing off letters to the Thatcher Government, demanding that the country be put on a “war footing” to combat environmental degradation. . . .

Poetry makes nothing happen,” wrote W. H. Auden. He was wrong. Higher literature should be used not to preach or hector [bwahahahahahahahaha!], but to describe, alarm and warn. In 1936 the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova met a starving women outside a Russian jail. The woman, “her lips blue with cold”, whispered: “Could anyone ever describe this?” Akhmatova replied: “I can.” And she did, in Requiem, her masterpiece about the Stalinist terror. Her poem did not save the dying woman, nor did it stop Stalin, yet it changed the world.
Exactly analogous to AGW. Amazing.
As world leaders head to Copenhagen to confer on climate change, there has never been a greater need for poets — the “unacknowledged legislators of the world” — to put pressure on the acknowledged legislators by translating this crisis, and the moral imperative it demands, into words.
"Life is hard and life is earnest. If you're cold, turn up the furnace"--Herman Munster.

Update: Okay, I take it all back. I'm convinced:

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