Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Death threat mania!

In an update to a post yesterday I noted that the utterly vile Charley Arthur of the Ward Churchill-lovin' Try-Works blog had made (yet another) death threat, this time against Churchill documentarian Grant Crowell:

Comes the moment of our forthcoming 1-on-1 in Chicago, Walking Eagle [Crowell], we’re volunteering right here and now to administer unto you a desperately-needed hot lead enema.

Two or three in succession, if need be.

Nice. Pirate Ballerina, proactive blogger that he is, last night e-mailed various CU administrators and faculty, including members of the school's committee on research misconduct and ethnic studies chairpersyn Albert Ramirez, asking their reaction to a post (not a comment) like this being made on a blog run by a CU employee--of course, our old pal, ethnic studies instructor Ben Whitmer.

No answer yet, but PB has a fine concise post detailing the background of the Try-Works/Churchill axis and its history of obscene and violent threats.

Want more?

Here's Charley Arthur last week on a thread to yet another post attacking Crowell. Charley and Whitmer are discussing the identities of various anti-Churchill commenters, mainly at PB but here as well:

Charley Arthur Says:


We see that the mad knitter [a nasty pro-Churchill commenter] has resumed her habit of sodomizing herself with her knitting needle.

How fucking quaint is that?

Remember, that's a supporter he's talking about, but Charley is too reckless to notice. And once again he indulges his misogynist fantasies of violent rape with a piece of metal. Read the whole thread and wonder how you'd feel if you were one of the women these two freaks talk about.

Update: And don't forget, there's a fair amount of circumstantial evidence that "Charley Arthur" is the Great Wardo himself.

Update II: An operative in Pirate Ballerina's world-girdling network of authentic journalist-approved sources managed to snaffle the title page to Ward's next book. PB doubts its authenticity, but the thorough footnoting persuades me. (Did you know that Ward's books have 400 footnotes per chapter? Well they do, you miserable puling technocrat of Empire!)

Update III: PB received this response from CU President Hank Brown's office:
University of Colorado President Hank Brown asked me to look into your concern outlined in your e-mail of March 14 and respond to you. After reviewing the matter, university legal counsel has determined that the postings you refer to are personal correspondence outside the purview of the university. Should Mr. Crowell be concerned for his safety, that is a matter for law enforcement. Thank you for writing.

Sincerely, Ken McConnellogue
Associate Vice President for University Relations
Office of the President
Now that, with apologies to Samuel L. Jackson, is some repugnant shit. Is there no moral turpitude clause in instructor contracts?

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