Thursday, July 27, 2006


For some reason Colorado's always been popular with serial killers. I suppose like many they enjoy the fresh air and outdoor lifestyle.

Well, here's another one. Meet the obligatorily thrice-named Robert Charles Browne:
Investigators have communicated with [Browne] since [2002] in letters and personal interviews. In that time, Browne has provided details on numerous other murders [48, to be exact] throughout the U.S., including nine in Colorado, the sheriff's office said.
Browne has been in prison since 1995 for the killing of a 13-year-old Black Forest, Colorado, girl, and apparently spontaneously decided to confess all his murders. Of course, like Ottis Toole (note weird first-name spelling--shades of "Alferd" Packer), Browne might be confessing to anything and everything just for the attention.

Update: Denver Post: "Serial killer's safety a concern." That's the first thing the Drunkablog worried about too!

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