Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Who's lamer, Churchill or the Rocky?

The RMN continues its pathetic attempt to be hip by mangling tried and true blog formulas:

"Caption this! This feature showcases quirky, amusing and newsworthy from Colorado [sic] and around the world. We've given you the real captions. Now it's your turn to write your own. Don't be too mean! We reserve the right to remove submissions. :)"

Apparently nobody is exercising that right on today's picture:

"University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, in sunglasses, stands out among the crowd that turned out in protest of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision not to interfere with the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams. (Maria J. Ávila © News) [RMN caption]"

The wittiest caption? "Here Cancer, Here Cancer." Way to vet those submissions, Rocky!

Update: The toxic team of Churchill acolytes at Try-Works weighs in on the photo. Moredock (blech): "But [Churchill's] got the best line on Schwarzenegger and Stanley "Tookie" Williams yet: 'He's signing off the life and death of a man he's not fit to lick the boots of.'"

Wicked Witch: "Churchill applauds at the announcement that brownshirt, neo-con, racist, chickenhawks have finally agreed to enlist with the u.s. army and take a bullet for their draft-dodging, imperialist, pResident [all illiteracies sic]- George Bush."

So what the hell did Churchill say, anyway? Moredock's (blech) quote says "signing off . . . lick the boots of," while Channel 4 renders it, "Residing like God over life and death of a man....he's not fit to lick the boots off," and Pirate Ballerina has it as "'[Pr]esiding like God over life and death of a man....he's not fit to lick the boots off.'" PB has the first half right, Moredock (blech) the second, is my guess.

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