Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Everything's OK now

And better late tha--ah, fuck it: CU fires Barnett. Apparently it was all about on-the-field problems:
Colorado's poor finish was the breaking point, the source said. A month ago, Barnett was on solid footing in his search for a contract extension. Consecutive losses to Iowa State, Nebraska and Texas by a combined score of 130-22 placed a large amount of doubt on whether an extension would still be offered.
Via Pirate Ballerina, who by the way extends this plaintive plea:

Call us cock-eyed optimists, but we're unconvinced that the whole story behind associate professor William Bradford's resignation has been told. If you have any information about Professor Bradford's military service, his work at Indiana University, or what might have precipitated his abrupt resignation, email us. Confidentiality will be respected.

Update: Witness tampering? What's next? Digging up Folsom Field to look for bodies?

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