Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gravy train for Wart

The Daily Reporter, taking from the Grand Junction Sentinel:
A former University of Colorado professor known for his comparison of Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi plans to speak in western Colorado.

The Daily Sentinel reported Tuesday that an alternative media group, Confluence Media Collective, invited Ward Churchill to speak in Grand Junction Memorial Day weekend.

Officials with the group say they're willing to let him cover any topic he chooses. They're paying him $350 and providing lodging.
What happened to that "up to" $11,000 he once supposedly got for a speech? And they didn't even throw in a carton of smokes? You're being ripped off, Wart.

Update: Good God, the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel has a paywall. What's their motto, "The New York Times of far-western Colorado"?

Update II: The Confluence Media Collective puts out a variety of publications, among them The Red Pill, which describes itself as "independent, horizontalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist, and all-inclusive." . . . They also publish Cuntastic, a twice-yearly "Journal of Reproductive and Sexual Freedom," and Mammaphiles, "a compilation zines [sic] about radical parenting . . ."

Update III: In an update of his own, the pirate with the prognathous parrot (it's all about alliteration, baby!) notes the AP's spin on Churchill's firing.

Update IV (5/20/11): JWP says the church Wart was going to speak at has rescinded its permission for him to do so. He has their statement. Even Universalists know the Anti-Christ when they see him.

Update V (5/22/11): Wart gets new venue: a public park. He'll be speaking on Memorial Day.

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