Sunday, May 22, 2011


'Bout halfway through Stanley Kurtz' Radical-in-Chief. Meh. Not that he doesn't demonstrate that Obama hung around and worked with a lot of socialists. It's just that the book has too many acronyms. This isn't Kurtz' fault. Socialists are famously acronym-happy. But it makes for a slog, particularly for bedtime reading.

But I did run across one acronym that was pretty good. Page 202:
Another indicator of ACORN's ideology in the leadership's strong sense of continuity with American socialist history. The first ACORN handbook for new organizers, published in 1976-77, features ACORN leader Wade Rathke's tribute to H.L. Mitchell, leader of the Southern Tenant Farmer's Union (STFU). . . .
My sentiments exactly.

Update: Yes, I know that's not a true acronym. STFU.

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