Saturday, October 24, 2009


Wart is quoted, approvingly, on a Holocaust-denial site, "The Rebel": "The 'Holocaust' is a typical zionist myth":
Incidentally, while there is a Holocaust Memorial Museum in the US for the presumed “six million gassed" Jews by Nazi Germany, there are nowhere in the US any holocaust memorial museums, reparations, or even words of apology for either Native Americans or Black Americans [my links] who were slaughtered like animals by the tens of millions at the hands of Euro-Americans during the largest real holocaust the world has ever seen. In the words of the American professor Ward Churchill, "All told, it is probable that more than one hundred million native people were 'eliminated' in the course of Europe's ongoing 'civilization' of the Western Hemisphere”. [5]
Good going, Wart! Another citation. With footnotes. You love footnotes. Was it peer-reviewed, too?

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