Saturday, October 03, 2009


That's the price of a galleon of gas at the nearby Safeway. Across the street at the 7-11, it's $2.23. Everyplace else I noticed today was in the 7-11 range--around $2.23. Don't know what's going on--hell, maybe the Safeway VP in charge of changing the digital sign was drunk on the
job--but gas prices are dropping, if not like a stone, like a feather (h/t, Galileo, or whoever it was who dropped same to prove something or other).

Update: This (older, and receiving almost no coverage in the MSM, except the WSJ) and this (newer). We ain't runnin' out of anything, and we never will. (A very old article, but it was easiest to hand. There's lots more out there about Simon.)

Borlaug me!

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