Monday, June 11, 2007

Nuts everywhere

Amid the usual farrago of unedited Speakout columns in the Rocky ("The other side of ethanol"; "Colorado boosts national space leadership"; "Let's not sweep homeless under rug" (it makes the rug lumpy) (and smelly)) is a self-contained farrago titled "U.S. faces fate of Hitler's Germany":
The manner in which this totality of control and repression was achieved [in Hitler's Germany] is frighteningly reminiscent of George Bush’s assertion of the unlimited power of the president to take whatever action he deems necessary to “protect” Americans in a “war on terrorism” in which he is commander-in-chief, free and fully empowered to act in his own discretion and as an expression of the people’s will—in short, without oversight by or accountability to the legislative or judicial branches of our self-governing democracy, thus without any accountability to Congress, to law, or to the people themselves, who, by definition of the Constitution, are in the final analysis sovereign.

But one of the comments caught my eye. It was from a woman named Kay Sieverding (a-ling, as you'll see):
As reported earlier by the Rocky Mountain News, I was jailed for engaging in pro se litigation, which is a right by statute, common law, and state constitution. U.S. code Title 18 part III chapter [blah, blah, blah] . . . . None the less, at the order of Col federal judge Edward Nottingham, I was held by the U.S. government at gunpoint from 5/10/07 to 6/1/07, transported in chains across state lines, and forced to expose my genitals to strangers at gunpoint. Then I was released without condition and without a penny to my name or my driver's license 1200 miles from home. As far as I'm concerned the nazis are already here.

Exposed genitals, eh? This warranted a google by Glen of the Drunkablog I-Team, who found that Sieverding is just your basic crazed suit-filer, as the RMN noted in early 2006:

Former Steamboat Springs resident Kay Sieverding, who has been in jail since September, was released Wednesday after she agreed to dismiss her numerous federal lawsuits. . . .

The cases stem from a dispute with neighbors in Steamboat Springs. Sieverding has filed lawsuits against not only her former neighbors but also Steamboat Springs officials, the local newspaper, several individual lawyers and the entire Colorado and American Bar Associations, among others. She has filed the lawsuits in Colorado U.S. District Court, and also in federal courts in Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas and the District of Columbia. . . .

David Sieverding [Kay's hubby] was in the courtroom with his own lawyer, Mike O'Malley, who told the judge he had just been hired to get David Sieverding "out of this mess."

David Sieverding left the courthouse quickly after the hearing to get clothes for his wife, who had to turn in her orange jail scrubs before deputy U.S. marshals could let her go.

But when she walked out of the courthouse an hour later in a new gray and white sweatsuit, Kay Sieverding was unrepentant.

"I believe that I was robbed of justice," she said, as her husband implored her, "Please, don't do this."

Speaking of psychological illness, that's a bad case of henpeckery 'ol Dave's got. Anyway, I can't find a story, but from Ms. Sieverding's comment she must have kept yacking and the judge simply crammed her back into a cell. The end.

Update: Finally found out what Sieverding's initial dispute with the neighbors was about. She posted a comment at PoynterOnline (no permalink; scroll about halfway), the wimpy liberal journalism (he redunded) site:

I formerly lived next door to a small town politician. He and his wife fenced off 6000 square feet of public land, including a portion of the road, adjoining our former home. Then they had me criminally charged because my landscaper trimmed an old tree hanging over our drive. To get the criminal charges dropped, I had to give up our rights to the street. (extortion) Then they built on it in gross violation of local law. So I complained to the city council. So the politician's wife accused me of criminal harassment. She called the police but they didn't see a crime. There was no warrant. The D.A. refuses to say what the probable casue [sic] was. The charges were eventually dismissed. The politician's wife was the only person who signed the criminal charges. But the newspaper, The Steamboat Pilot, owned by The World Company of Lawrence, Kansas, keeps publishing that I will be tried for a crime without saying the above. When I post comments on the articles, they delete my comments. When I created a blog on their web site "I'm innocent" they deleted it. When I write letters to the editor and ask them to either revise and update the articles or remove them, they don't write back. This greatly degrades my life even though we moved away. How can I stop them?

Strangely, no one replies.

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