Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Melanie Phillips highlights yet another example of the recent and happy agreement between leftist academics and rightist mutants on a question of overriding importance to both: just how nasty are the Jews, anyway? She quotes the Telegraph:

The Web site of Sue Blackwell, the Birmingham lecturer who presented motions calling for boycotts of Israeli universities, contains a recommended link to a Web site owned by an anti-Semitic neo-Nazi activist. Wendy Campbell, who owns the MarWen Media Web site, has promoted Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories discussing "unrivaled Jewish power," and maintains an additional Web site entitled "Exposing Israeli Apartheid," which is also linked by Blackwell.

This meeting of self-described "minds" is not uncommon, Phillips points out: "[T]here is . . . considerable crossover between neo-Nazi, radical Islamist and ultra-left websites, thus creating the remarkable axis that now exists between the left and the neo-fascists. The language, imagery and sentiments they all use are often identical."

My own favorite example is David "I'm no neo-nazi" Irving's approving link to an article by, of all people, Ward "I'm no leftist" Churchill. Now why would Irving, the very face of ultra-right psychosis, link to an article by a person who is, at least superficially, the anti-Irving?

Maybe it's because in the article Churchill, as so often citing international law in new and original ways, accuses historians of the Holocaust--and specifically Irving's libel trial opponent Deborah Lipstadt--of crimes against humanity, for which she and they should be put on trial.

And wouldn't that be just ducky with Irving! Exposed by Lipstadt as a malicious liar and anti-semite, he might even volunteer to play Vyshinsky in a show trial like that.

Update: Many interesting facts and figures on the strange love of Churchill and Irving are available here and here.

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